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Joining the Niners


One of the biggest deciding factors in coming to the Niners was the opportunity that presented itself here. They lost a lot of key players either from retirement or signing with other teams. This gives me the opportunity to come in and be effective right away. From running the football to catching the football in the backfield to returning punts, I am excited for what’s to come. It’s a chance to make a difference.

My first impression in coming here was that it is a first class organization with a huge fan base. I’ve been a fan of the Niners since I was a kid with Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young. All of these guys inspired me over the years. It took me about two days to really get comfortable with my teammates, coaches and the environment here, so not long. When you’re joining a new team, it doesn’t take long to fit in. These are some really good guys. That’s the special thing about football - that each team is filled with good young guys to keep the energy fresh. Once you get a chance to know the guys, it’s fun and exciting. This is one of the many reasons I love this game.

Playing with Kaepernick is the first time I will be playing with a quarterback of his caliber, guys who are extremely fast and who can take the ball and can positively take it the distance. I’m not used to the quarterback competing with me on the level of speed. Usually in running drills, he’s one of the first guys finishing. Normally, I’m used to being the first one there, but he’s got great speed. I hope that he doesn’t take any hits because we need him. As good as his read option is, we have to make sure he doesn’t take any big hits.

I’m looking forward to this upcoming season and being a part of Niners Nation!



Joining the Niners

One of the biggest deciding factors in coming to the Niners was the...


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